QardioArm + QardioBase 2 + QardioCore

The perfect bundle to take control of your health.

Get to know your heart and take your fitness to another level. Includes: QardioArm, QardioBase 2 & QardioCore. Save £90

£578.94 £668.94
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QardioArm + QardioCore

The bundle that your heart will love.

Save £50 with the QardioArm smart blood pressure monitor and QardioCore wireless ECG monitor bundle. Measure and track your key health metrics effortlessly so you can stay on top of your health all the time.

£488.95 £538.95
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QARDIOARM + QARDIOBASE 2 - Early Access Offer

The Ultimate Health Bundle

Look after your health with the QardioArm wireless smart blood pressure monitor and QardioBase 2 smart body composition scale bundle. Compatible with iOS and Android.

Up to 3 units per customer can be purchased during the Black Friday sale.

£159.94 £219.94
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QardioBase 2 - Early Access Offer Wireless smart scale
£99.99 £129.99
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QardioArm - Early Access Offer Smart Blood Pressure Monitor for iOS & Android
£64.95 £89.95
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Wireless ECG Monitor - Ships now

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